Terms of Use

AntiquePool is a commercial platform, which offers the possibility to dealers to present their goods a wider range of customers. Contracting parties in the sales agreements entered via AntiquePool are vendors and vendees only. AntiquePool does not provide any services related to entering contracts, it only provides a possibility for potential buyers to get in touch with potential sellers via e-mail.

You can only become a registered dealer at AntiquePool, if you are running an registered business. Every change of the legal status has to be announced to AntiquePool without delay.

Vendors have to provide all legally mandatory information for their businesslike offers to the vendees.

Dealers can only offer goods, for which selling and distribution are not forbidden by law. AntiquePool allows only offering of originals, modern reproductions are not to be offered.

Only vendors are liable for all of their contents and documenting pictures. AntiquePool does not check these contents generally.

Vendors have to specify their goods correctly and completely. All major characteristics, damages and defects, that might effect buying decisions, have to be announced truthfully.

On registration vendees have to submit their correct and complete data. Vendors and vendees ensure to keep passwords provided by AntiquePool secret and inaccessible from others.